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Master of Science in Economics – General Information

Duration and Modality of the Program

MSE is a one-year program located in Dilijan.  The classes start in mid-June with The Preparatory Semester (that some students may be exempt) in Yerevan. In late-August students relocate to Dilijan for the rest of their studies. The Core Semester starts with students taking 4 required (15-week) classes: Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Econometrics, and Economic Analysis and Communication. Starting mid-January four consecutive Specializing Mini-terms (5 weeks each) offer a large variety of courses that students can choose from. Finally, The Capstone Semester concludes the studies with a Thesis Viva in early August.

Partnership with CBA

MSE program is partnering with the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) and the program shares the facilities with the Dilijan Training and Research Centre of the CBA. Currently several full time employees from the CBA are teaching in the MSE program.

To learn more about the MSE program, contact:

Phone      + 374 60 61 26 20

Fax:      + 374 60 61 25 12

Email:     [email protected]