Executive Certificate in Management - College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

Executive Certificate in Management

What is the ECM?

The Executive Certificate in Management (ECM) targets the educational needs
of prominent industries in Armenia that acknowledge the imperative of building strong management
teams in order to be able to capitalize on opportunities suggested by local and international dynamics
in this sphere. The Program is based on a needs assessment of several key industries in Armenia. Like
most companies with unique competencies that are on a growth pattern, a lot of companies in Armenia
have a model of promoting internal human resources into managerial positions (rather than attracting
managerial personnel from outside). Not surprisingly, employees with high technical capabilities often
lack soft skills. The Certificate aims to help graduates prepare for their career advancement through
developing skills essential for managerial-level positions.

ECM is comprised of 4 x 3-credit courses (12 credits in total), over two semesters (30 weeks).
Classroom teaching will be intensive with two 3-hr-45-min modules per day, yet students will lock only
one weekend per month in their schedules (alternating 2-day and 3-day weekends every next month).

Average Stats for the Last Two Cohorts

20 Participants
(Average age 40)

40% Female | 60% Male

Average Managerial
10 years

IT 40%

Finance 40% 

Other 20%
(Healthcare, ImpEx/Wholesale, Manufacturing)

Class Structure

To ensure that classroom discussion and team projects are of value-adding quality for all students enrolled in
the Program, the Manoogian Simone College of Business & Economics (CBE), the Turpanjian School of Public
Health (SPH), and the Akian College of Science and Engineering (CSE) at AUA target professionals with 8+ years
of industry experience, with a predicted average age of 30 to 35. Targeted intake each year will be no more than
25 students.


Graduate certificates are a popular form of academic programs that are specifically designed for students who
either don’t have time and resources for a full graduate degree or who want to add a specialization to their
current degree.