BAB: Celebrating Our Alumni Achievements - College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

BAB: Celebrating Our Alumni Achievements

Edgar Andriasyan (BAB 2017)

Edgar Andriasyan is a group / senior product manager at Betconstruct. He has led multiple product teams in the IT industry creating internationally successful software products. The products he crafted with his teams turned out to be big successes for the companies he worked with. He has also coached, trained and mentored multiple product managers. Edgar worked with or consulted numerous companies mainly in the IT sector. Before Betconstruct Edgar has worked with TeamViewer, BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce, Instigate, AUA etc. Besides product management, he has also an extensive experience in product marketing, product design, new product development and business process / culture setup.”

“The American University of Armenia is a unique place for me. It gave me so much that I cannot count. At AUA I met my dearest friends, got an amazing international education, became exposed to a professional culture which was hard to imagine in any other Armenian institution. I got to know internationally well recognized professors and mentors who were helping us to become the next industry changers. AUA had a lot to do with my success, because through AUA I became the person who I am now. It gave me the environment to grow myself professionally and as a human being. It was a revolutionary period in my life. I will always be grateful and I’m proud that I’m a graduate of AUA.”

~~Edgar Andriasyan~~

Tigran Mooradian (BAB 2018)

Tigran Mooradian is an Account Manager at MAROG Marketing leading key client projects and responsible for sales activities on the forefront. Previously, he has worked with Incredo, occupying the position of a Project Manager, while leading a dedicated team of multiple professionals across all departments. Besides being employed with these companies, Tigran has also worked as an independent consultant for 360Stories and volunteered at Luys Foundation

“The American University of Armenia is my home away from home. I entered its doors, like my father has done in his time, as a young boy and left as a grown-up man. Everything at AUA is built around enabling you to succeed and it is up to you to use this opportunity to its fullest. Integrity, critical thinking and the ability to see the bigger picture are just some of the core competencies that an AUA student possesses. I would definitely recommend AUA for its unique culture and faculty who are working day in day out to make this level of education available to you”.

~~~ Tigran Mooradian~~

Artyom Kosyan (BAB 2017)

Artyom Kosyan has recently graduated with Master of Science degree in Financial Mathematics program from the University of Chicago. He is currently working for a large international financial institute in the U.S.  During his academic years in Armenia, he studied mathematics in the Yerevan State University in parallel to Business education in AUA. During his university years. he continued active participation in scientific Olympiads and represented AUA in International Math Competitions three times. As a teacher’ associate in Computational Sciences department, he actively mentored and coached freshman students for two years.

“AUA is a second home for me, a place that shaped both my professional and interpersonal characteristics. I got to know my best friends through AUA, who, luckily for me, share similar life visions.  Here in AUA, I had exceptional professors who are leaders of their industries. Being mentored by such professionals gave me confidence for my future endeavors. AUA is definitely one of the leading institutions where each student has all the resources available for being successful in Business, Computational Sciences as well as in Communications business. It’s an honor for me to be a graduate of AUA’s inaugural class and I am proud of that. ”

~~Artyom Kosyan~~

Ani Baghdasaryan (2017)

Ani Baghdasaryan is currently studying MSc. International Political Economy at The University of Texas at Dallas with a full-tuition scholarship and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2019. It is a dual degree program between the latter and Philipps Universität Marburg in Germany.

In 2018 she was granted a merit-based scholarship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). In Germany, Ani became a research assistant in the Economics department. During her academic years with the AUA, she was active in extracurricular activities, including an internship at the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Armenia. Ani was a Citizen Observer in the Parliamentary Elections in 2017.  Her final econometric project was chosen as one of the finalists in the Economics and Applied Sciences for the Youth (EASY) Conference.

“The American University of Armenia is that one unique place in the region that carries and disseminates a different culture of education. It is an institution, where students’ voices are heard, needs are fulfilled, and there are tons of opportunities available for them. There is a different level of relationship with professors, and the respect of instructors towards the students creates a great responsibility to excel in the chosen field. AUA helps to raise your standards and achieve your goals. I’ve spent the best four years at AUA, and I know sometimes the deadlines make you wonder if it is the best according to the alumni, then what is there yet to come? After all, it is the life friends that stay, the lasting jokes at the cafeteria, the relationships made through team projects, and the unforgettable memories of your unique journey. Finally, AUA is the community that supports and cares about its every member. It creates a platform to interact with industry leaders and professionals. AUA is a place that aspires, inspires and achieves.”

~~Ani Baghdasaryan~~