MBA Admission Overview - College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

MBA Admission Overview

Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics (henceforth Manoogian Simone CBE) strives for the admissions process to be objective, fair, and transparent. To this end, CBE makes its processes, procedures, and desired applicant qualifications known to all applicants in advance of the application process. The burden is placed upon the applicant to demonstrate to the MBA Admission Committee (MBA-AC) that the applicant meets the admission criteria and is qualified to be admitted to the MBA program.

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Program Specific Admission Criteria

The MBA Admissions Committee (MBA-AC) evaluates each applicant on the basis of a combination of requirements. Central to the admission process is a careful review of all factors indicating the applicant's potential to succeed in a demanding program of study and a professional career after graduation. The MBA-AC evaluates each candidate in totality and does not reduce the admission decision to a test score or a grade point average. The following criteria are used in evaluating applicants:



Program Specific Admission Requirements

Based on the admission criteria listed above and AUA’s minimum admission requirements, the CBE sets the following admission requirements for the MBA program: