MBA Admission Overview

Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics (henceforth Manoogian Simone CBE) strives for the admissions process to be objective, fair, and transparent. To this end, CBE makes its processes, procedures, and desired applicant qualifications known to all applicants in advance of the application process. The burden is placed upon the applicant to demonstrate to the MBA Admission Committee (MBA-AC) that the applicant meets the admission criteria and is qualified to be admitted to the MBA program.


Program Specific Admission Criteria

The MBA Admissions Committee (MBA-AC) evaluates each applicant on the basis of a combination of requirements. Central to the admission process is a careful review of all factors indicating the applicant’s potential to succeed in a demanding program of study and a professional career after graduation. The MBA-AC evaluates each candidate in totality and does not reduce the admission decision to a test score or a grade point average. The following criteria are used in evaluating applicants:


Academic Ability. The MBA-AC carefully reviews applicants’ academic records, performance in the GRE/GMAT and in the IBT/IELTS. A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 (or 4.0 out of a possible 5.0) or equivalent is strongly preferred. The GRE/GMAT’s quantitative section is used as another predictor of academic performance in the MBA program. A 60 percentile on the quantitative section of GRE/GMAT is a minimum pre-requisite for admission. Applicants who do not meet the minimum score may be admitted to the program on conditional basis. Finally, CBE accepts the University-wide minimum score of 79 iBT and 6.5 IELTS as well as the provisions of conditional admission when the applicant does not meet the minimum test score requirements in English.


Work Experience: Applicants’ work experience is reviewed extensively including the number of years of full or part-time employment, the nature of industry and job title and job responsibilities. Applicants residing in Armenia are required to provide proof of employment by submitting appropriate documentations including copies of their work books. A minimum 2 years of work experience is required, out of their full time study period. 


Personal Attributes: The MBA-AC prefers applicants who are mature, honest, flexible, and personable. Due to the prevalence of interactive instruction methods such as case studies and teamwork, applicants are also expected to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Evidence of these qualities could be deduced in application essays, letters of evaluation, the résumé and the personal interview.


Managerial and Professional Potential: The goal of CBE is to admit applicants who have clearly articulated and well-defined career goals and a high potential for success in business and managerial positions. The MBA-AC reviews applicants’ essays, letters of recommendation, résumé and quality of personal interview against key areas of competence which includes individual initiative and creativity, leadership, adaptability and perseverance.


Diversity: In order to promote a more creative and dynamic learning environment, the MBA-AC, through its selection process, attempts to provide a degree of diversity for each entering class. We believe that our interactive teaching method and emphasis on teamwork can provide better results if students comprise a diverse pool in terms of cultural background, gender, educational and professional experiences, age, and future career paths.



Program Specific Admission Requirements

Based on the admission criteria listed above and AUA’s minimum admission requirements, the CBE sets the following admission requirements for the MBA program:


  1. GRE/GMAT: Each applicant is required to take the GRE/GMAT exam. The CBE uses the GRE/GMAT quantitative score as one of the predictors of academic performance and success in the MBA program. The program requires a minimum of 60% in the GRE/GMAT quantitative score. When assessing the GRE/GMAT score, the MBA-AC considers the score along with other pertinent data such as the applicant’s academic background and professional history. A high score does not guarantee admission and an average score does not necessarily eliminate an applicant from the program. As such, applicants who do not meet the minimum score may be admitted to the program on conditional basis.
  2. Work Experience: Work experience is required for MBA (for professionals) applicants. The CBE believes that work experience provides students with a solid frame of reference to MBA coursework. As such, the MBA-AC reviews the length and the type of the work experience as well as the quality of the applicant’s job accomplishments. The committee also tries to determine whether the applicant has had the opportunity to develop professional and leadership skills. As such, internship, substantial voluntary activities with credible organizations and part-time jobs are also taken into account. Applicants are required to have at least 2 years of full-time (or the equivalent part-time) relevant work experience, out of their full time study period. All employment or other relevant experience must be documented.
  3. Resume: Applicants must submit a current typed resume that includes work history and job responsibilities.
  4. Letters of Recommendation: AUA requires that each applicant submits 2 letters of CBE prefers that, when possible, at least one letter to be from a college or university instructor under whom the applicant has studied and at least one from a current or former employer. Letters from friends, classmates, or family members are not acceptable.
  5. Admission Interview: Most applicants are interviewed by MBA-AC members. The main purpose of the interview is to explore applicant’s educational and career goals and to ascertain the applicant’s fit with the requirements and objectives of the MBA program. The interview is based on the submitted application material including the application essays. The admission interview usually takes place after a complete application package has been received by the MBA-AC.