MSE: Celebrating Our Alumni Achievements - College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

MSE: Celebrating Our Alumni Achievements

Mnatsakan Sharafyan (MSE 2018)

Mnatsakan Sharafyan is a co-founder at INTED. Previously he occupied a role at the State Revenue Committee of the RA as a Head of the Customs Statistics and Income Registration Department and several roles at HSBC Bank Armenia, including Standards and Procedures officer in the Business Oversight unit, manager of the Business Risk Operations unit and country business lead of Operational Effectiveness Program, which is one of the global initiatives of HSBC Group and have been implemented worldwide. Mnatsakan Sharafyan has experience in operational risk management, development of compliance procedures, economic research, statistics, and econometric modeling.
Mr. Sharafyan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Audit from The Yerevan State University of Economics, followed by a Master of Science in Economics from AUA.

“MSE program is a unique opportunity to go deep into the science and simultaneously use complicated economic theories in practice. It has contributed to my professional development and what is more important to the way of thinking and perception. For sure, it has been two fascinating years with the course mates sharing same values and ambitious goals”

~~Mnatsakan Sharafyan~~

Zhasmina Gyozalyan (MSE 2017)
Zhasmina Gyozalyan is currently a DAAD scholarship holder and is studying quantitative finance at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.  Prior to commencing her graduate studies in Germany, she worked for 4 years at the Central bank of Armenia at the department of Financial System Regulation responsible for the policy design and implementation in the financial sector in Armenia. Ms. Gyozalyan received her bachelor’s in finance from the Yerevan State University, followed by the Master of Science in Economics from the American University of Armenia.

“I always remember time spent at AUA with smile and warmness. Interesting, yet demanding courses, supportive faculty and friendly environment made my studies at the MSE become a life-changing experience. I do believe that if I had not taken this program, I wouldn’t have been where I am currently.”

~~Zhasmina Gyozalyan~~