Course Descriptions - College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

Course Descriptions


Core Courses:

Effective communication & Personal Management (1st Semester)

Organizational Behavior & Teamwork (1st Semester)

Leadership & Work Psychology (2nd Semester)


Industry-specific Electives (either of the three):

Project & Product Management in the ICT Sector

Management of Healthcare Providing Organizations

Management of Financial Institutions


Learning Objectives for Core Courses

BUS 301 Effective Communication (3 credits)
E-mail/memo writing; Presentation skills; Critical thinking & constructive criticism; Basics of interviewing; Time management; Prioritization of and following-up on communication; Work-life balance; Setting professional development goals.

BUS 305 Managing People & Organizations (3 credits)
Building and managing teams; Delegation skills; Employee evaluation and feedback skills; Negotiations; Conflict resolution; Managing expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

BUS 319 Special Topics in Leadership (3 credits)
Team interactions simulation; Motivation theory and practice; Gender balance in workplace/ Women in business.