Graduate Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management - College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

Graduate Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management


The Graduate Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management (GCHHM) is a 3 semester (no classes during the summer) program offered by the Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics (CBE). The program is open to those interested in a rewarding career in the field of tourism and hospitality management. The program will provide students with the skills required to be competitive in the fields of tourism and hospitality management through exploring the fundamental concepts of management related to these industries. The Program will help graduates prepare for the next step in their careers by developing the skills and know-how essential for managerial-level professionals including advanced business acumen, strategic insight, high-level management skills, and specialized industry knowledge.

Professionals that complete this program will have a robust knowledge of tourism and hospitality management paired with real-world experience, including:

  • In-depth understanding of the hotel and hospitality industry
  • Working knowledge of Armenian market specifics from the public and private perspectives
  • Working knowledge of various aspects of management, including operations and management
  • Professional skills in Customer Service, Communications and Sales
  • Understanding of career opportunities in the hospitality sector



To successfully complete the GCHHM program, students must complete all required courses/modules with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  GCHHM graduates who wish to pursue further study towards the MBA program, may transfer their GCHHM courses and credits towards the boot camp classes.



Classes will Start on January, 2023. The application deadline is  November 15, 2022.

The Program is offered part-time. Classes will be held in the evening, with two/three weekly 2.5-hour classes (no classes during the summer).

Semester 1 

  •  Bootcamp – Basic Communications and Quantitative Tools
  •  Introduction to Hospitality
  •  Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Hospitality/Operations Management

Semester 2 

  • Hospitality Pricing and Sales
  •  Hospitality Marketing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Strategic and  Financial Planning

Semester 3 

  • Capstone Project/Internship


* Prerequisites are assumed in the sequence. 

*No transfer credits are accepted, and no merit scholarships are awarded.