The Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program provides rigorous studies in business for working professionals who wish to maximize their personal effectiveness and advance their careers, regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds. Students with educational backgrounds in business management, economics or finance, benefit from the program as much as humanities and social science graduates, engineers or medical professionals, seeking managerial competencies or career change opportunities.
Students are required to take a set of core courses, that provide systematic knowledge about the fundamental functions of business and management including finance, marketing, accounting and operations.
Second and third year courses focus on subjects and competencies required for exercising high-level managerial responsibility. The curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking, effective leadership, analytical and implementation skills. During this phase, you will also have the opportunity to take elective courses in various advanced business subjects that will allow you to build a customized learning experience in line with your career goals and aspirations. Some students may wish to declare a formal concentration in marketing, accounting, or finance. Others will want to design a program that advances their own particular objectives.
MBA curriculum emphasizes integrative and experiential learning. In the second year, you will take a capstone course that will integrate much of what you have learned in your first year courses and will challenge you to apply the newly acquired knowledge and tools to the preparation and presentation of a business plan for new business ventures/start-ups. This course, along with others, combines theoretical and applied learning often including “live” projects that will enable you to integrate and apply the knowledge and tools already acquired to complex, real-world business challenges.

 MBA for Professionals is an extensive format of 30 consecutive months for working professionals who wish to undertake their studies and remain on the job. All classes are scheduled in the evenings starting at 18:30. Students typically come to campus 3-4 evenings per week.