Barseghyan Hrachuhi

​​TITLE Lecturer
SCHOOL Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics

Hrachuhi Barseghyan, MBA, CMCE, MA, is a highly-qualified PR and Marketing expert with over 14 years of experience across diverse industries (NGO sector, private sector, and PPP model entities). Hrachuhi is active management consultant with specification of PR, Marketing, Image building, CSR, Organizational Development. Currently she runs her own company– ArPR Holding.

Hrachuhi is happily sharing her knowledge and expertise through teaching (currently hired as adjunct faculty at AUA, Collage of Business and Economics, Bachelor program, and Slavonic University, School of Media studies, Master’s program).

Being a mother of two, she values the real power of constant education and personal development.

“Education is where the future starts. Unfortunately, it is the most non-flexible and complex industry, and we need to re-think education. Many of the professions now existing will be absolutely useless in a couple of years. And this pace of constant changes forces education to be different than it is now”,- Hrachuhi recalls.

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