BAB Internship Program Guidelines – College of Business and Economics (CBE)  

BAB Internship Program Guidelines

BA in Business

As part of the BA in Business program’s curriculum, all business students have the option to complete BUS292 Business Internship to satisfy their elective requirements.

Rules and Conditions of the Internship

This information addresses the guidelines, requirements and conditions that apply during and after the internship period.

The Internship is
  • A major-related experience
  • A time-limited experience in which the intern receives training and builds skills in a specific field or career area; the duration may be extended under certain conditions
  • Paid or unpaid, this is to be agreed by the host company
  • Related to, but different from, volunteering or actual employment (full-time, part-time)
  • A structured experience with a “learning agenda” and located within a professional work environment
  • NOT considered a permanent employment opportunity; however, in some cases, internships can lead to permanent employment

Before the internship begins:

Check academic eligibility All prospective interns should have completed ten (10) major courses before applying for the internship program. Generally, students are eligible to start the internship at the end of their sophomore year. Priority is given on the basis of seniority.
Identify internship opportunities The BA in Business Program regularly informs its students of internship openings that meet the Internship Program requirements. Students are also motivated to search and locate internship opportunities using their own networking skills.
Apply for the internship In case of University-provided internships, recruitment is regulated by the program administration. For independent internship opportunities, students need to get in touch directly with companies.
Upon acceptance, complete and submit internship scope template Students who applied independently will fill out the internship scope template (this is to be done with the company supervisor or the HR manager) and submit it to the BAB Program Chair for final approval. Students should ensure the scope is signed by the company supervisor or is sent out from the company email. Academic supervisors and students are further requested to complete the second part of the scope (intern section) and identify their internship learning plan.
Get registered for BUS292 course and ensure to be assigned a faculty supervisor


Once a student candidacy is approved by all parties, the program administration will do the course registration. A faculty member from the university will be assigned to mentor the student in the learning process and provide feedback about his/her progress in the internship and internship final report development.

During the internship:

  • Complete a minimum of 150 hours of internship within 10 consecutive weeks; working hours are coordinated with the company supervisor
  • Maintain at least once-a-week communication with the academic supervisor
  • Demonstrate high level performance
  • Make sure host company follows the duties listed in the internship scope
  • Keep the internship coordinator informed of any changes
  • Make notes for the end-of-semester internship report; weekly maintain the attendance sheet

Post Internship:

Submit the internship final report and attendance sheet to the academic supervisor no later than the last day of classes.

Responsibilities and Rights of the Intern:

The student must abide by the deadlines and requirements set per this document otherwise he/she is subject to failing or being dropped from the course.
The student must keep his/her AUA supervising faculty, mentor as well as the BAB Internship Program coordinator aware of any changes to his/her internship.
The student must not disclose or use for the benefit of any third party or for its own benefit any proprietary and/or confidential information regarding the company, either within the entire period of validity or at any time after the termination of agreement, without a written consent of the company.

Responsibilities and Rights of the Hosting Company:

  1. Provides conditions necessary for the complete realization of the internship program of the interns
  2. Safeguards against students’ involvement in activities that were not foreseen by the program and do not correspond to the student’s specialization.
  3. Ensures the recording of students’ attendance, and notifies the AUA Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics of all cases of disciplinary violations.
  4. When classes are in session, ensures the working hours of interns do not exceed 15 hours/week.
  5. After the completion of the internship, issues a written assessment of the student’s performance.
  6. Maintains the right to cancel the work experience in case the student commits a workplace violation worthy of disciplinary action and/or frequent unjustified absences.
  7. Demands that students respect confidentiality when dealing with the organization’s documents.

IMPORTANT: For non-disclosure agreements AUA may provide a default three party non-disclosure agreement (student, university and host organization).

Responsibilities and Rights of the Academic Supervisor:

Internship for credit entails supervision at the employer site as well as oversight by a faculty member. The academic supervisor is to serve as a mentor to assist the students/interns in the learning process and to be responsible in providing feedback on the internship and internship final report development. The academic supervisor assumes the responsibility for constant ongoing communication with the intern and company supervisor to guarantee a positive learning outcome in accordance with a pre-approved internship scope.

  • Together with the intern, the academic supervisor develops clear learning objectives and goals for the internship and provides opportunities for the intern to work toward achieving those objectives. The form is provided by the intern.
  • Closely monitors a student’s progress of internship and is present upon his/her request.
  • Maintains at least once-a-week communication with the intern to make sure he/she is making adequate progress with the scopes.
  • Regularly communicates with the host site and is informed about the tasks that an intern performs, the working conditions, the course of the internship and any problems that arise. If needed, visits the intern at his/her workplace in order to confirm the aforementioned.
  • Completes in detail the academic supervisor’s evaluation form providing feedback about the intern’s performance, quality of the developed report, initiatives and achievements he/she made. The evaluation form must be submitted to the internship course coordinator no later than the last day of the exam week.


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Internship will be under the supervision of:

  • Faculty mentor
  • Site supervisor





  • Business junior and senior students
  • 10 business courses (30 credits ) to be completed by the end of sophomore spring semester

Tatevik Jhanyan| Internship Coordinator

Baghramyan 40,Yerevan, 0019

+374 60 61 26 07, Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:45pm or by appointment

Knar Khachatryan | Program Chair, BA in Business

Baghramyan 40,Yerevan, 0019

+374 60 61 25 68, by appointment

Internship Star Award 

The internship star award ceremony takes place in order to recognize outstanding, soon-to-be professionals. Students should strive to exceed expectations, distinguish themselves, and also develop or introduce an innovation for the host organization to receive the Star Award. Students are to be nominated by both the work supervisor and faculty mentor.