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The Professional MBA is offered on a part-time basis over 30 months for working professionals who wish to undertake their studies and remain on the job. All classes are scheduled in the evenings starting at 18:30. Students typically come to campus 3-4 evenings per week.

Summary of Degree Credit Requirements:
Core courses

38 credits

Leadership skills courses

7 credits

Elective courses

11 credits

Action learning practicum’s

8 credits


0 credits

Total required

64 credits

Strong Foundation


The coursework and activities during the first four terms take students through functional areas of accounting, finance, organizational behavior, operations and marketing. In conjunction with the case-study method, students are equipped with a comprehensive set of tools during the first year of the program.


Comprehensive Development


The second and third year curricula are build on concepts and tools learned during the first year of study. The focus of the second and the third year’s curriculum is on subjects and competencies required for exercising high-level managerial responsibility. The curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking, effective leadership, and strategic analysis.  During this phase, students also have the opportunity to take elective courses that will allow them to build a customized experience that fits their career goals and aspirations.


Applied & Integrative Learning


The curriculum emphasizes integrative and experiential learning. For example, in the first term of the second year, students take an integrative action learning course BA390 – Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Incubation.  This course is designed to help them understand how new business opportunities are identified and commercialized. The course integrates much of what students have learned in their first year courses and challenges them to apply the newly acquired knowledge and tools to the preparation and presentation of a business plan for a real new venture.

Similarly, in the first term of the third  year of studies, students take BA392 – Strategic Project Consulting. This course combines theoretical and applied learning, including “live” projects that require student teams to integrate and apply the knowledge and tools acquired in the previous two years to complex, real-world business challenges. The course also allows students to enhance and develop their project management, consulting and leadership skills.