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Opportunities to Focus

Although the professional MBA students are not required to declare a concentration, the program provides the opportunity for students to concentrate in Accounting, Finance or Marketing. However, as mentioned declaring a concentration is optional.

Students can formally declare their concentration after 38 credits of coursework which is after completing the first year of foundation courses and completing of one elective course. The concentration is noted on the student transcript.


Accounting Concentration:

Accounting concentration provide students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and practical skills in key areas of accounting, in terms of the use of accounting information for internal decision making and external users of financial statements. Completion of this concentration will reinforce core concepts, provide additional insight into accounting processes and principles, and enhance the ability to analyze and interpret accounting reports. The accounting concentration prepares students for a career in accounting as an auditor, a controller, treasurer, or positions where strong integration of finance and accounting is required.

Students will be required to complete:
BA345       Financial Accounting (MBA requirement)
BA348       Financial Statement Analysis (concentration requirement)
BA353       Auditing and Evaluation Controls (concentration requirement)
At least two additional accounting courses


Finance Concentration:

Finance concentration provides students with a theoretical understanding of the financial management of the firm. Decision-making is emphasized both to the assets the firm should acquire and the capital structure of the firm. Students learn how investment values are set in the financial markets, how banking operates and particularly how both affect the functioning of the firm. Students also develop the analytical and quantitative skills and decision-making techniques needed to successfully apply their knowledge of Finance in a business environment. This concentration suits students who choose to pursue careers in corporate finance, commercial banking, investment management, insurance, real estate development or other aspects of finance.

Students will be required to complete:
BA330       Financial Management (MBA requirement)
BA332       Corporate Finance (concentration requirement)
BA348       Financial Statement Analysis (concentration requirement)
At least two additional finance courses


Marketing Concentration:

Marketing concentration is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how businesses relate to customers. It also develops students’ critical perspective and skills necessary for the marketing function which includes their ability to analyze, plan, develop, implement and control marketing activities. The concentration prepares students for successfully exercising managerial responsibilities in marketing or marketing-related positions such as brand and product management, marketing research, pricing, new product development, marketing communications and promotional strategy.

Students will be required to complete:
BA360       Marketing Management (MBA requirement)
BA365       Marketing Research (concentration requirement)
At least three additional marketing courses