PACE Allows MBA Alumni to Keep Pace

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of AUA and the School of Business and Management and to inspire and support the lifelong learning of its alumni, the AUA CBE introduced a lifelong learning initiative for its alumni called PACE (Program for Alumni Continuing Education) in 2011.

The MBA degree at the American University of Armenia provides the foundation for a long and successful managerial career. However, over time professional requirements evolve and globalization, technological innovation and rapid changes in the business environment make lifelong learning a necessity. As such today’s managers must continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge if they want to remain competitive and advance their careers.

PACE provides the MBA alumni opportunities to reengage with the AUA College of Business and Economics and to further their professional studies in the following ways:

Enrolling in MBA Courses

Thanks to PACE, alumni are allowed to enroll in MBA courses, if availability permits, as non-degree students and on part-time basis.

CBE offers a wide range of evening courses that typically meet twice per week, starting at 18:30. This schedule option allows the participants to take 1-2 courses without any disruptions in their professional commitments.

MBA alumni may take any advanced elective courses that they did not have the opportunity to take during their studies. They can also take advantage of curriculum enhancements and take new elective courses that CBE has introduced since they graduated. Finally, alumni may retake required core courses to refresh their knowledge and skills in specific disciplines.

Alumni who enroll are expected to fully participate in the course, attend all scheduled class sessions, and complete all course assignments. Upon successful completion of the course, they receive a course grade or that will be posted to their transcript.


MBA alumni are encouraged to contact the CBE office ( or 512600) to find out about course offerings and class schedules. After CBE confirms the availability of space, they are invited to submit an application form for non-degree studies with a copy of their resume to the AUA Office of Registrar.

AUA MBA alumni receive a 20 percent reduction in tuition. They are also exempt from taking TOEFL. There is no application fee for non-degree applications.