The MBA Program at the American University of Armenian (AUA) welcomes applicants from around the globe and values the diversity that international students bring to the School of Business and Management. We believe that an internationally diverse student population contributes to a more creative and vibrant learning experience for all students.

The AUA MBA has many benefits to offer to international students:

International Outlook:

The program is entirely taught in English; the language of international business. Knowledge of the Armenian and Russian languages is not required. All faculty members have extensive international experience and come from diverse countries like Russia, France, Spain, U.K., U.S., Lebanon, and India. As experts in their fields, they integrate the best and the most recent trends in the international business practice and research in their courses.


A unique case in the region, AUA is a fully accredited member of the Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC), U.S.A. The WASC accreditation of our institution is an ongoing process of continued improvement and quality control to ensure the highest standards of education. AUA is also affiliated with the University of California. These factors allow AUA degrees, including the MBA degree, to be respected and recognized globally. With a U.S.-accredited degree, our graduates are qualified to excel anywhere in the world.


A center of excellence for almost 20 years, the AUA School of Business and Management is the leading business school in the region and has catered to Armenian and international students, business corporations, and various communities. Its flagship program, the MBA degree, enjoys a strong reputation thanks to its alumni who have build successful careers and many have moved to leadership positions in Armenia and globally.


The AUA campus is located at the heart of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, a dynamic city of over one million. Yerevan is a small city that has all advantages of a big one such as a vibrant cultural and artistic life, reliable public transportation, extensive entertainment and leisure facilities, international accessibility (visa, air travel connections, …), and a thriving economic and business environment. Yerevan is also a very safe city with clean air, welcoming population and cost competitiveness.


Career Prospects:


Yerevan is the center of political and economic life in Armenia. The headquarters of all political institutions and public administration agencies are based here. Thanks to its highly skilled and well-educated workforce and its cultural and political resources, Yerevan is also host to subsidiaries of many international corporations and organizations. These include a variety of information and communication industries such as Microsoft, Synopsys, and Orange; consumer goods companies like Coca Cola, Samsung, and Benetton, financial services providers such as HSBC Bank and Credit Agricole, consulting services such as PricewaterhouseCoopers; and nonprofit organizations such as Worldvision.

The presence of international corporations and organizations in Yerevan and the strong ties that bound the School of Business and Management to the business community provide international students with internship and job opportunities that can jumpstart an international career.