The Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics  invites applications from qualified Diaspora Armenians who would like to study for an MBA degree at AUA.


Every year, the MBA program enrolls several students from the Armenian Diaspora who meet all admission requirements and express a willingness to live and study in Armenia for two years.  With skyrocketing costs of the MBA degree around the world, the AUA MBA program is an affordable yet high quality educational option thanks to the University’s tuition policy in favor of Diaspora students.


In the recent past, students have come from countries such as Georgia, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, Syria and the United States. These students have taken the opportunity to combine the many benefits arising from studying in a high quality MBA program with the possibility to experience life in Armenia. Their experiences include studying and making friends with local students, doing an internship or working part-time, and participating in the dynamic cultural and artistic life of Yerevan.  Diaspora students have an ample occasions to immerse themselves in the Armenian life.


According to the Diaspora alumni, studying in Yerevan is one of the most pleasant and enriching experiences an Armenian student may have during his or her lifetime. The Armenia experience may, however, last beyond the MBA program. Data shows that most Diaspora alumni have stayed in Armenia after completing their MBA studies. Some have created successful businesses while others have reached leadership positions in various local and international companies and organizations.


It is worth noting that in addition to the many benefits listed Diaspora Armenians can benefit from AUA’s subsidized tuition rate which is one third of the regular rate provided they hold Armenian long-term residency/visa at the time of enrollment.  For further information, please check the AUA admission pages.


A Unique Educational Package:
Partnership with Birthright Armenia

In November of 2011, Birthright Armenia and the AUA’s College of Business and Economics joined forces to offer a unique educational package that further enriches the range of long-term immersion and study opportunities in Armenia.


The complementary benefits of this agreement include:



Birthright Armenia

A rigorous, well rounded MBA program Extensive cultural immersion program
Instruction entirely in English by highly qualified faculty members Linguistic program tailored to learners of Armenian as a second language
US accreditation–program meets international standards One round trip ticket
Subsidized tuition for Armenian long-term residents Free housing with a local family, weekend excursions
Birthright community service counted as the MBA internship Part-time community service


Our partner Birthright Armenia’s mission is to strengthen ties between the homeland and diasporan youth by affording them an opportunity to be a part of Armenia’s daily life.  Students get a chance to contribute to Armenia’s development through work, study and volunteer experiences, while developing a renewed sense of Armenian identity. For more information, please visit


Participants enjoy the warmth and hospitality of a local host family.  A home away from home. In-office language classes are custom-designed to help and encourage participants from all backgrounds improve their Armenian language skills in a significant way.  The Forum Lecture series puts our participants in touch with the leading sectors and individuals throughout Armenia. Year-round excursions take our participants to all corners of Armenia, covering both popular and remote destinations.